An apology goes a long way

How many of us long for a long, loving marriage and life?  It CAN be done.  It SHOULD be done.  At times it may seem impossible, but it’s at that point when we usually need patience and to dig deep inside.  Maybe think about this peaceful picture of an older couple overlooking the ocean.

It can be easy to get upset at our spouse.  Maybe he didn’t appreciate the time and effort she put into making a wonderful meal for the family after working all day.  Maybe she didn’t ask about his day after a long, hard day he had feeling unappreciated at his workplace.

Or perhaps it is worse.  You already had the big, blow up fight and you are thinking remarriage was a mistake.  DO NOT GO DOWN THAT ROAD!  It was NOT a mistake.  Take some time to cool off.  Think about the beginning of your relationship.  Go back to the wedding day when you said you would be there for each other.  Trust us, we know it’s hard.

Now for the truly hard part – apologize.  Each of you had a part in the argument, but it doesn’t matter who apologizes.  Maybe he was more wrong than she was.  Just step up and apologize.  These are the opportunities to bring you back together.  These are the moments that strengthen your relationship.  And this is what leads to that park bench overlooking the ocean.

“Apologizing doesn’t always mean you’re wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.”

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