Who knew bananas and strawberries caused so much grief!

Imagine this scenario – one maybe you’ve lived out before – you are pretty new to blending your family and your wife makes breakfast for all the kids.  You ask your wife to help you give healthy options to the kids during mealtimes.  Naturally, the kids complain.  They only want junk after all!

So they eat some of the healthy food and then leave some on their plate saying those pieces look funny.  You give them a sneer but ultimately give in and figure – “well at least they had some of it”.  What can be wrong with that line of thinking.  They got some healthy food after all, right?

Ummm—maybe not exactly. Remember, your wife went out of her way to help you and the kids by making sure they get some healthy food in their stomachs.  She made nice plates of food and put them in front of the kids to eat for breakfast.  And you just let them decide how much to eat of it and give in to them.  You know kids need boundaries, guidance and structure – especially around important things like meals – but you gave in to the kids because you didn’t want to deal with a little battle. Overall, bad for the kids and disrespectful to your wife.

Let’s say this leads to a conflict and during your discussion you realize that it should not be up to the kids what they eat and don’t eat – that’s a parent’s job.  How do you correct it in the future?  Pretty easy actually.  You start a new rule – THE GOOD FIRST – GOODIES SECOND!  That means bananas and strawberries first, eat them all, and then they get to have donuts.  DONE!  Boy, that was easy.

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be.  Kids really need, and want, rules and boundaries.  It helps them live easier if they know what to expect and when.  At least that’s what we’ve found so far.

So go ahead and enjoy a nice big yummy donut!  But eat your banana first. 😉

What do you call a sad strawberry?  A blue berry!  HAHA!

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