A couple that does yard work together…

How does that old saying go?  “A couple that does yard work together…stays together.”  Or maybe we are remembering a twist on an old saying.  Anyway, last week we had to have our two last trees in the front yard taken down because of the dreaded Ash Bore which is destroying Ash trees all over New Hampshire.  They were once beautiful trees, and after counting the rings on the stump they were exactly 80 years old.

As we all know taking trees down isn’t cheap.  We were fortunate to find a wonderful father and father-in-law team to taken them down the old fashioned way and at an extremely reasonable price.  But to save some money, and some firewood, we asked them to stack the logs in 10 foot sections and pile up the brush for us to take care of ourselves.  They did an amazing job doing that for us.  There are two more brush piles in not in the picture below.


The picture really doesn’t do the task ahead justice.

We decided to dedicate our Sunday to attacking this monumental challenge ahead.  We came up with a plan together and executed.  Joya dragged the brush piles to the woods, and by brush, we mean sizable branches from an extremely large trees.  And Mike cut up the 10 foot logs with a small, but durable, 16 inch chainsaw.  While we were ambitious we only got halfway through.  It took a good amount of time stacking the wood in the Suburban and hauling it up the driveway, and then stacking it up neatly as you see above.

Here’s the wonderful moral to our story today.  We set out with a plan – together.  We executed the plan – together.  We collapsed on the couch last night – together.  And today we are each feeling the extreme soreness – together.

There is no better way to enjoy each other then by going through things – good and bad – together.  It was truly fun to go outside and do this activity.  It keeps us close to each other.

And don’t forget the ultimate blessing of being able to do things and drawing closer together.  Personally, we are blessed that God gives us the energy and endurance to take on this task.  Others may not have such energy and endurance, but there are tasks that can be done according to each other’s abilities.

So we encourage you today: No matter what your situation may be – yard work, a date, a chore, devotional time – make the most of it and embrace your time together.  It’s always an opportunity to grow together!


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