Hooky For Adults

Doesn’t everyone love the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?  It was a huge hit in 1986 and it seems like people talked about it for at least a decade after.  Young kids may not know about it today – but you can bet they will watch it sometime in their lives!

The movie is a classic about a kid in high school who went to amazing extremes just to skip school and enjoy the day with his friends.  If you haven’t seen it – rent it!

We are NOT writing this to suggest that kids play hooky in an effort to skip school to enjoy the day with friends.

However, we ARE writing this to suggest – if you and your spouse haven’t recently spent some quality time alone – that you play hooky from work!  Because – rather than the movie’s slogan “Leisure Rules”, we believe that “Love Rules” and it needs to be acted on – even if it means skipping work together!

Earlier this year, we desperately needed some time to ourselves so we escaped to the mountains up north and did basically nothing but be together – on a MONDAY!  We relaxed in front of a wood fireplace, stayed in our pajamas, fell asleep on the couch, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery outside.

Screenshot 2019-04-15 10.55.42

It was an important time to decompress and get away from the rigors of work, kids activities and just the hectic daily schedule that regularly overtake our lives.

We remember getting ready to leave and neither of us wanted to go.  Life is hard.  Marriage is hard.  So it is extremely important to go out of our way and spend quality time together – even doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company.  Well…if there is a fire…you may as well take your clothes off and enjoy the warmth!  Just sayin.

It may be as hard for you as it was for us to go back to reality after this escape.  Try to remember the way you just loved each other.  We are as guilty as others of falling into the daily grind.  But, try to keep it in the forefront of your minds.  Until the next time you can escape…or play hooky!


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