Don’t Forget The Storm

We follow so many friends and family on social media and what do we notice most?

Flattering pictures and glowing comments about our lives:  My wife is amazing!  My husband is a gift from God!  My son just came in second place in the long jump!  My daughter made the honor roll!

Please understand, we aren’t knocking social media – we love it as much as the next person.  However, with EVERY success there is a struggle.  And the struggle is often the most important part of the story!

We just had one of the most wonderful weekends of our marriage.  And we posted about it on Facebook!  But is that the most important piece of our story from the weekend? No.

We have had a very difficult 20 months of marriage, but we are learning about each other and beginning to understand each other better than we ever have.  THAT is what allowed us to have an amazing weekend.  Our struggle is creating a stronger bond in us.

We continue to go to counseling and we try to work on our marriage every single day.  And with 4 kids, our more than full-time jobs, and the other daily obstacles in our lives it IS NOT EASY!

The point of all this is: don’t overlook the struggle you went through to reach the accomplishment.  Reflect on what you learned and how it made you a better individual.

As couples, think about what you learned about each other and how it made your marriage stronger on the other side.

And if you are in the MIDST of the storm – please know that you aren’t alone – and that you are being prepared for something wonderful that will be obvious when you get through the struggle.  We know that is a hard message to comprehend in the middle of what feels like a category 5 hurricane but we have been there.  And we are here today to tell you that we know the struggle is real and we know that the other side of it is a treasure worthy of it all.

As Christ followers we are beginning to reflect more on the struggle and we thank God that He has been building us and preparing us for a better marriage in the last 20 months.

We are always inspired when we visit Cape Cod Church and listen to Pastor Ben’s message.  He has been talking about Struggle & Success.  It is worth a listen here.

Pastor Ben had an illustration of struggle relating it to body building.  When building your body up and lifting weights, you focus on a part of your body and it tears your muscle slightly and then repairs itself making it stronger.  The next day you focus on another area of your body and the same thing happens.  You repeat that over and over and your muscles grow and strengthen.  The tearing of your muscle is the struggle and the strong muscles are the result and celebration.  But the story is in how you built up your muscles.  Pretty cool, huh?


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