Sleep Naked, Sleep Better.

Who knew sleeping naked had so many benefits – but IT’S TRUE!

First things first – we like to be transparent so we will tell you up front – we don’t sleep naked together NEARLY enough!  We love it and we are making it a habit to do more often. Why? Well for SO many reasons.

The biggest and best reason to sleep together, in our humble opinion, is probably the obvious one: it is sexy, appealing to your partner, and is a way to consciously encourage sex with each other.

You may not know that the skin to skin feeling releases the hormone oxytocin which increases the feeling of comfort – and in turn may put you in the mood for sex! Oxytocin also lowers your heart rate, reduces blood pressure, increases the feelings of trust, and generally makes you more ready for sexual interaction. YES!

How about the HEALTH BENEFITS?

Being close to your spouse and cuddling while you sleep is beneficial to your health – yes MEN it’s true!

Your skin can absorb more nutrients and your metabolism will improve because your body has to work while you sleep to maintain that healthy body temperature of 98.6.

Here’s another one: sleeping naked allows our genitals to air out for both men and women! We are covered up every day which creates an environment that promotes the growth of bacteria.

As you encounter these benefits of sleeping naked you will also sleep better because it leads to feeling less stressed. That means less arguing in marriages.  And who doesn’t want that?!

Finally, it has been proven that having a lower body temperature while you sleep actually helps you to rest better.

Now touching on the obvious again – the SEXUAL BENEFITS.

Sleeping naked is fun! Can you think of a better way to end the day than to be naked with your spouse?

Being skin to skin is an intimate way to sleep and will make you feel closer to your spouse.

Even as you go to bed exhausted – which is pretty much EVERY night with us – being naked we end up touching and feeling each other throughout the night.

So the bottom line is: SLEEP NAKED TOGETHER because the benefits are genuinely awesome promoting intimacy, health and SEX!

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