Cruisin’ For Closeness

For almost two years we’ve been blending a family.

Trying to get 4 very different kids to develop relationships together is harder than it looks. Unless you think it looks hard – then it’s exactly how it looks!

However, with last year’s vacation we felt we had a breakthrough because there were times when all 4 kids played together – more than we expected.

Then there were other moments like that throughout the year too.

So as we prepared for our second family vacation together we had high expectations that the kids would grow even closer together.

But to our disappointment, our expectations were not met.

Did they have some close times together? Yes. And that was important.img_2757.jpg

The lesson to us here is that we need to moderate our expectations. We can’t just throw everything into the blender, or crock pot might be a better analogy, and expect it to come out like a perfectly cooked and presented 5-course dinner overnight.

Cooking a great meal takes time, attention to detail, and patience. And if you aren’t used to this type of cooking, it can get messy!

Most importantly, we have to remember that we can’t rush relationship development among the kids. We have to be patient.

Our job is to just love the kids, capitalize on opportunities for them to have fun together, and let God do the rest.

It’s also a lesson to remember in all things. We should be careful about building our own expectations. Expectations in marriage, at work, and even in things like personal exercise must be measured!

We should strive in all areas of life to be realistic in our expectations and just do our best work.  It will serve to reduce stress – so we aren’t setting the bar too high for ourselves.  As importantly, it should lead to more happiness with milestones and look more positively at all of our blessings on a regular, even daily, basis!

We know God is in charge of our family and it will eventually all come together. But not on our time table – only on His!

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