Mike and Carol Brady had it right

We know, we know.  It’s just television and it wasn’t real.  BUT!  Mike and Carol Brady modeled some great behavior for us married folk!  And who doesn’t love the clothes, house and decor from the 70s? (NOTE: Michael Dennehy is a 1970s freak)

As you may know, we are both remarried and blending a family together.  Thinking way back to 1969 when The Brady Bunch first aired is a pretty remarkable storyline.  A couple remarrying, each having three kids and blending a family was not something that was very common.

Now, of course, we know firsthand that blending a family is not nearly as easy as it is on The Brady Bunch.  No one is screaming – “you’re not my real Dad!”, or “my real Mom would do it that way!”  However, it is pretty much understood that both of the Brady’s first spouses passed away which made it easier to blend 6 kids together when they only have Mr. and Mrs. Brady and the kids live together full-time.  But, still hard to believe it can ever be that easy!

Let’s get to what is realistic in the show and is a great modeling for marriages and families.

  1. Mike and Carol Brady are always kissing, especially when Mike comes home from work.  This is such an important moment in marriage.  When a spouse comes home from being away, and the kids are running around crazy or the house is busy getting dinner ready – someone should consciously stop and immediately initiate a kiss and/or hug.  Even before engaging the kids.  It is so easy to let this moment slip, but if you make it a habit you will instantly start the evening off the right way and the 30 seconds of connection can make a world of difference.
  2. The bedroom! It is amazing how many scenes there are of Mike and Carol in bed together. Again, this is great for a couple of reasons. First, it is obvious that they always went to bed together. This is a habit that is good for couples to maintain. It may be rare to be able to do it seven days a week, but striving to go to bed together every night helps keep you connected.                                                                      Screenshot 2019-05-16 21.17.50
  3. Reading together in bed. This is something that we personally need to be better about. We have gotten into the poor habit of falling asleep on the couch watching the news or Life Below Zero. It is so much better to go up and read a book, or we could read the newspaper or a magazine like the Brady’s did! No electronics or iPads!
  4. While the family is portrayed a bit like utopia, (not many families have an Alice living in their house) they do eat together as a family, they hang out together as a family, the take vacations as a family, and they all try to have compassion for each other.  Yes – utopia! But, great lessons nonetheless.

What stands out watching it as an adult is the love that Mike and Carol share openly for each other; they clearly have an active sex life given the number of bedroom scenes; and they always stay connected and consciously try to always be on the same page.

We expect some of you reading this will be saying to yourselves, it is beyond fake and Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady, was gay!  Yes, he was gay and should be commended for being such an amazing actor.  The point remains: it’s a great series for families to watch – 2 of ours LOVE it – and Mike and Carol Brady created great habits to model for us in marriage.

Screenshot 2019-05-16 22.18.12

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