Remember this during the holiday weekend!

Like most couples, we struggle with the dreaded…cell phone addiction!  Generally, we are very good about eating meals, carving out time, and limiting electronic usage in our house.

But with crazy career schedules we do struggle at times.  While researching this topic we uncovered all kinds of fascinating information that fits nicely into our “Fun Fact Friday”.

Pew Research did a survey recently regarding cell phone usage.  A whopping, and not surprising, 92% of Americans own a cellphone.  31% of those Americans say they never turn their phone off and 45% of them say they rarely turn them off (we easily fall into this category).

Here’s the rather disturbing statistic: 80% of those surveyed say that using phones in social settings frequently or occasionally hurts the conversation.

Some fun stats:

  • 77% think it’s ok to use a cell phone while walking down a street. Wonder how many people get bumped…
  • 75% think it’s ok while using public transportation.
  • 74% think it’s ok while waiting in line.
  • But only 34% say it’s ok to use at a restaurant.
  • 12% at a family dinner (Yikes…rude)
  • 4% at a movie theater

Let’s take this conversation to our marriage.  We know that cell phones are an awful distraction.  Healthy marriages require good communication habits.  So if you haven’t already, let’s all carve out uninterrupted time with our spouses.  Don’t let devices rob you of those special moments of in-person connection.

The situation with phones and our kids is much more serious and we’ll get to that one later – but watch this for a primer.

On a final note, let’s also try to be more personal with people starting this weekend and maybe even talk to someone in the grocery line instead of looking at our phones!  It’s Memorial Weekend – put your phone down, find a veteran and say thank you!

God Bless America!



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