Hide and Seek

Who knew?  We’ve written in the past about how we have built up expectations for our blended family.  Of course, it never comes together quite as fast as we’d like which we recently wrote about after our Cruise Vacation last month.

Just when we were a bit discouraged, all of a sudden, a little game of Hide and Seek picks up our spirits and everyone is playing together and having a blast!

Is there really anything better than the game of Hide and Seek?

We had a wonderful weekend down on Cape Cod over Memorial weekend and on the first day we unexpectedly stopped by this huge, awesome playground (pictured above) in Falmouth and 2 of the 4 kids yell – “Let’s play hide and seek!”  There wasn’t a single soul on the playground except for us so it seemed a perfect opportunity – at least the kids thought so.

After 4 or 5 rounds of Hide and Seek, someone picked up the basketball on the sports court directly next to the playground, and BINGO – we’re in the midst of a game of 3 on 3!

Then to top it off we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.


Here is our conclusion: finding a fun, maybe silly, game to play can be an awesome way to bring your family together – blended or not.  And as much as you may be hesitant to play, DON’T pass it up!  Take these amazing opportunities while you have them!  They won’t be kids forever and it will all be gone in a flash!

One final lesson for our blended family friends – don’t overthink the process of bringing your family together and believe you need to spend a bunch of money to go away or to provide an entertainment venue to have fun.  It is most important just to be together and allow it to happen naturally.  This past weekend was probably the most fun we have had together and it all started with a game of Hide and Seek.

We praise God that we had some great times of growth and fun this weekend!

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