It’s Just Another Day?

Joya and I usually write posts together but I’m taking this one solo.

Father’s Day has taken on a much different tone since my divorce. For several years now I have not had my children on Father’s Day. I try to convince myself it’s not really a big deal. I’ll see them in a few more days and we’ll do something special together.

Probably the hardest thing is that everyone else makes a big deal about Father’s Day (understandably) starting first thing in the morning at church. So when churches ask Dad’s to stand, I don’t get to thank God for my kids and look at them at the same time. As much as I try to escape everyone else’s focus on it – it’s just plain hard to avoid and pretend that it’s just another day.

I truly don’t like attention so I’m not suggesting it’s me that needs the attention. Heck, I have been ignoring my birthday for decades! But I do enjoy spending time and playing games with my kids – so the worldly person inside me says: “everyone else is doing it so I should be able to also!”

Part of this feeling stems from the tradition we had growing up where my family, brothers and Mom, got together to celebrate my Dad – God rest his soul. That was a fun time getting together with siblings to pay special attention to an awesome Dad and all he had done for us growing up. Screenshot 2019-06-14 15.53.10

I know I have a ton of company with these feelings. So many of you have lost your father as I have, others of you are experiencing empty nest syndrome which is also hard and, probably the hardest situations are those of you who have lost children – that is utterly heartbreaking and tragic for parents – and then there are others of you who are divorced like me and may not have your kids on Father’s Day.

I’ve REALIZED – in the grand scheme of things, this truly IS just another day.

We all face pain either missing children or missing fathers but there is ONE constant that WE MUST REMEMBER:

Our Heavenly Father is there for us today, tomorrow, and every day until we meet Him in heaven! We must let Him comfort us in our time of sadness and then we should rejoice in the blessings He has given us!

So rather than try to avoid Father’s Day – I am going to embrace Father’s Day. I thank God for my worldly Father who died 11 years ago. I thank God for giving me the honor of being a father, and step-father. I thank God for my wife, Joya, who has chosen to walk through this crazy journey with me. And most importantly, I thank my Heavenly Father for yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s blessings.

Happy Father’s Day!

– Mike

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  1. Mike, ever since I read your post, I have been trying to come up with an appropriate comment —Johnny and I just celebrated our 58th Anniversary on June 10th so we and/or our children never had to make consolations such as divorced couples have had to make, but Father’s Day and Mother’s Day are very special days so why not let the Father have their children on this special day and the Mother have the children on her special Mother’s Day? Working with you years ago, I know what a special and good man you are, and can see from Facebook what a special Father you are to your children! I wish you and Joya the best in your life together !

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