Listening, Sharing, Cheering, Dreaming and…Dying

Guys – Do you listen closely to your woman?  Or do you immediately jump to wanting to fix the issue she is having?

Women – Do you cheer your man on at work and in his recreational activities?  Or do you not think about it?

Guys – Do you share your feelings with your wife?  We can hear you laughing!  But seriously, the love of your life wants to know how and what you are feeling – at least occasionally!

Women – Do you talk to your husband about what his dreams are?  And encourage him in his dreams?  When he talks about his dreams do you react positively or just say “oh that’s interesting”?

We know that God made men to want to fix things and most men have to consciously go out of their way to just listen to their spouse.  Or, men, you could even ask your wife “Do want me to just listen right now or are you looking for me to help fix it?”  Your woman mostly wants you to listen.  And she will truly appreciate it when you do.  However, women, let your guy FIX IT sometimes – because he desperately wants to fix it for you!

Women – you know one of the things your man needs most is to be cheered on!  Thank him for working so hard to bring home the bacon!  Not every day but once or twice every couple weeks.  He will LOVE it when you do that.  And if you cheer him on in his recreational activities he will love it also!  He just wants to know you are his TOP cheerleader.  If you want to put on a cheerleading costume – that might be good too and take you back to your high school days!

Guys – this one is SUPER hard – share your feelings.  Your wife won’t expect much here so when you do, it will knock her over!  She wants to know how you are feeling about life – so tell her some things that are hard for you and some things that are great too.

Women – let your guy dream!  He loves to dream.  Even if it never happens he loves to dream so go ahead and encourage him to do it!

We are working on all of this stuff and we know firsthand that it’s not easy.  Take baby steps but make a concerted effort to do it.  It will make a difference.  You both will love and respect each other more.  You will grow and strengthen your bond.

Now – dying.  Men, would you die for your wife?  We expect the answer is yes.  It’s part of the uncontrollable passion you had when you got married.  Women, some men want to hear that you appreciate that he would die for you.  That isn’t a big one in our marriage but we can see why it is important.  Women want to know men would do anything in the world for them.  And men want to know that women appreciate it.

So let’s all get going!  LISTEN, SHARE, CHEER AND DREAM!  Oh – and “thank you for wanting to die for me honey!”

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