Summer Mood – Research – It Makes Sense!

Two things we have in common – for better or worse – is the temperature our bodies feel!  That means in the winter we are freezing cold and in the summer we start to warm up – just a little!  So we struggle to keep our bodies warm during the winter and REALLY look forward to the summer.

New Hampshire has had one of the coolest and wettest springs on record – and that hasn’t been good for our psyche – or our bodies.  But this past week – PRAISE THE LORD – has finally hit the 80s!

Seriously – we usually have a couple of rogue 90 degree days in May and several 90 degree days in June but we have barely even hit the 80s until this week!

Why do we tell you this?  Well there just happens to some science behind the fact that warmer temperatures increase our mood.  And when our mood increases our relations are even better with our spouse!

This is from a study by the University of Michigan:

Get out—for at least 30 minutes. The positive impact warm, sunny weather can have on mental health and mood is real, according to new U-M research.

Taking a trip to someplace warm in the middle of winter or lingering outside when spring arrives can be especially beneficial, with pleasant weather improving mood, memory and broadening cognitive style (openness to new information and creative thoughts)…

As the survey suggested, we have gotten in the habit of taking our “alone” trip to a warm spot just before Thanksgiving so that it gives us a good jolt of warmth before the long, cold winter sets in!

Another interesting statistic:

The researchers also found the optimal temperature for mood for most Americans is 72 degrees, about room temperature, with mood decreasing if temperatures became significantly higher or lower. There were regional differences, however, with mood peaking at 65 degrees in Michigan and 86 degrees in considerably warmer Texas.

We will say that we keep our house at about 68 (for financial purposes especially) during the winter and we rarely feel warm!  The house has been 72 this week and we finally feel like we are thawing out.

So now that summer is here – take a walk with your spouse, or a jog, or go catch a nice warm sunset!

Happy summer!


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  1. That is so true! I think for me the best temp is 74 or 75 indoors, then I feel great. Outside I feel best when the temp is in the 80s, just gives me more energy and I just feel better all around. Nice to know there is some science to back it up! Enjoy your weekend!

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