2nd Anniversary

You wouldn’t think these low numbered milestones are very important.  But given the chaos we have gone through in our first two years of marriage, we are here to tell you that it is a BIG ONE for us!

Some days, it seems like we’ve been married for 5, 7 or even 10 years.  We have gone through more difficult experiences than any “typical” honeymoon couple would go through.

Most “typical” honeymoon couples go through issues of money, sex, and leaving the cap off the toothpaste! We are happy to say those haven’t been our issues.

However, as a remarried couple and one working on blending a family, our issues have been: ex- spouses, parenting styles, health issues and putting each other, and our marriage, first when we were both used to putting our children first for so many years during our divorce.

Here’s where we are today.

We have weathered several Category 5 hurricanes – and we mean several.  We are still in the midst of one Category 5 hurricane and a slightly less intense Category 4.  Both are dominating our time.

But we are learning and working each and every day to stop controlling what we cannot control.  It’s a challenge.  But we are learning.  We are working at giving full control over to God.  We are working at communicating our pain to each other so we can help love each other the way we want and need to be loved.

Most importantly, we are succeeding.  We unfortunately had more hurricanes in our second year, but we dealt with them better.  The stronger we get the more prepared we are with solid walls of defense against the next Category 5 hurricane.

We are thankful to our wonderful friends who have helped us along the way.  We are thankful to our family.  We are thankful to the marriage counselor who God brought into our lives.  And God – we are thankful to Him for his grace and His never ending love.

FINAL NOTE: If you are struggling in your marriage – PLEASE seek some kind of help.  We started this blog in an effort to help and be a resource for couples who may feel like they are alone. We have been through so much and here for anyone who wants to chat online or over the phone. We are the furthest thing from experts but we have experiences to share.  God bless you all!


5 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary

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  1. Hi Michael and Joya. Happy 2nd Anniversary! I can tell you first hand that as you grow older the faster the years go by. Pam and I celebrated our 37 th Anniversary last March. Looks like you two starting to catch with us!
    Best wishes for more wonderful times ahead!
    Mark & Pam Thurston

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    1. Mark, Thank you for your kind words. And congratulations to you and Pam. 37 is phenomenal and a testament to your commitment to each other. Hope to see you in the Lakes Region!
      – Mike and Joya


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