The Sibling Whisperer

That’s right.  We have the “Sibling Whisperer” right here in our home.

We have known for a long time just how special Liam is to us.  But his abilities, or gifts we should say, never cease to amaze us.

As we enter the third year of blending our family, many challenges remain.  We have written quite a bit about the difficulty in bringing four very different kids together to live and love in one family unit.

However, we had a breakthrough during our summer vacation.  And that breakthrough was led by our very own “Sibling Whisperer”.

Let us tell you a little more about Liam.  He was born with Down syndrome.  He loves to hug people.  He loves to laugh.  And not surprisingly as a result – he loves to love people and make people laugh!

As that old saying goes – and is absolutely true in Liam’s case – he does not have a mean bone in his body.  He is 100% genuine at all times.  When he was given an extra chromosome – it’s like it made him pure.  He loves everyone, holds everyone harmless, and sees the good in all.

We could go on and on about Liam, but let’s get to the summer vacation breakthrough.  As we have mentioned in the past, the four kids have typically played well together during vacations but not in a very close, emotional way.  This year, Liam was looking at funny videos on YouTube (because he loves to laugh and be crazy to make others laugh) and it led to the other three kids joining in.  This particular moment lasted about an hour long.

The next day, on a long car ride, the kids all started in again.  So Liam was leading by being funny and crazy and the other three kids were joining in and laughing hysterically. It immediately brought down walls that have never been down before.  This continued through the week and the kids got along famously like they have been brothers and sisters for years.


We noticed this happen again over the last couple of weeks.  If there is any awkwardness, the kids immediately reach out to Liam to bridge the gap – and walls go down.  It really is an amazing and wonderful sight to see.

We have always known that God delivered Liam to us for a reason.  He has been a blessing from the day he was born and has impacted so many lives.  However, the influence he is having on our blended family is an unexpected blessing that is truly priceless.

Thank you Lord for our “Sibling Whisperer”.


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  1. How sweet! I have a little cousin named Liam!
    Your Liam is totally my type to work with and be around…. In the future, I hope to help out those precious children with down syndrome and special needs! They’re a soft spot in my life! 💕

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