Goldilocks – Part Two

Here we go again on our quest for restful sleep.  You may not know that our search for a mattress has been a long and painful (literally) journey since the day we were married two years ago.

In fact, one of our very first posts outlined our rather ridiculous story in the first few months of our marriage.

So after sticking with our third mattress, we ended up getting a 3 inch memory foam topper for the bed as well.  Keep in mind that our firmness levels are totally opposite (Michael soft for his miserably achy shoulders and Joya firm).

Neither of us have slept great in our two years and given the tremendous importance of sleep in our sometimes chaotic lives, we decided to renew the search.

This time, we went online rather than in person.  We have both read positive reviews about the online bed in a box process and our good friend Kellie over at Gratefully Vintage mentioned a couple of mattresses in her reviews, so we started with Casper.

We were both so excited to start this process, and our expectations were high.  Well…we were disappointed.  As it turns out most of the beds in a box come in at 5-6 in mattress firmness (Casper is actually 6.5).

So here we lay – do we continue the grueling mattress quest or just stick with what we have again for a few more years?  We are both determined to get it right.

We did try the Bob-o-pedic split firmness level two years ago and Michael’s back had never hurt so bad on the soft side – so that was a disaster.  We are tempted to try the Helix – which promotes a dual balanced split firmness level (3.5 soft – 7 firm).  Maybe we will get lucky with a different split product?

We are also tempted to try Nolah which has one of the softest beds out there (4-5) and promotes helping shoulder pain.  Joya says if Michael sleeps well she will sleep well (though Michael isn’t convinced).

Anyway, if anyone has suggestions please send them along!  One thing that we will say is wonderful – almost all mattress companies have a trial period and give full refunds for their mattress if they don’t work.  The companies usually donate them to a charity after they have been slept on during that period.

With all of the difficulties in our journey, this seems like a small one because we are thankful that we get SOME sleep.  But we sure would love to have that perfect sleep again.  Someday…




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  1. Not sure if you have tried the Purple beds yet, but they are great! My wife and I just got the Purple 3 on July 27th. We also bought our son the original Purple mattress. He giggles when he lays down for bed now because it is so comfortable. We all love them! My wife and I had a bed we called “old lumpy” and it was killing our backs. In just a short time, sleeping on the Purple bed has straightened everything out and our backs feel great! No more stiff crunchy back and neck! Seriously, the bed is so comfortable that we truly look forward to going to bed every night now and we sleep great. The prices on them are good too. Check out their commercials, they are hilarious. 🙂 God bless!

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