Goldilocks – Part Two

Here we go again on our quest for restful sleep.  You may not know that our search for a mattress has been a long and painful (literally) journey since the day we were married two years ago.

In fact, one of our very first posts outlined our rather ridiculous story in the first few months of our marriage.

So after sticking with our third mattress, we ended up getting a 3 inch memory foam topper for the bed as well.  Keep in mind that our firmness levels are totally opposite (Michael soft for his miserably achy shoulders and Joya firm).

Neither of us have slept great in our two years and given the tremendous importance of sleep in our sometimes chaotic lives, we decided to renew the search.

This time, we went online rather than in person.  Continue reading “Goldilocks – Part Two”

Soft, firm, or just right

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So you are getting remarried and moving in together.  Obviously you need a bed.  And let’s be honest – you are REALLY looking forward to getting some good use out of that bed!  But, you have never given too much thought to what kind of mattress the other person has or prefers.  To give yourselves a fresh start in the bedroom, you also want to get a new mattress.  This was us.

We start having the discussion – soft or hard.  The cartoons up above sadly illustrate our very big predicament.  Joya likes sleeping on concrete and I like sleeping on a bed of feathers.  What on earth are we going to do?

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